Workshops & Classes

We provide weekly day and evening classes in mediumship and psychic development.


These workshops will push the boundaries of your own Mediumship, strengthening your connection, helping you to give more evidence. Learn how to work in a higher vibration blending with spirit and strengthening your own unique Mediumship abilities.

Raising the vibration of your Mediumship
This workshop will include:

Connecting with Spirit and helping you to be consistent with your own link to the Spirit World
Lifting and building your power
Demonstrating and presentation techniques. Be a better medium.
Personal responsibilities of being a professional Medium.
Platform Mediumship The professional.

The professional medium
One Day Workshop
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Cost: £30
Open to all levels

This workshop is designed to enhance and develop your mediumship. The professional medium understands the Spirit world and your spiritual path. This course will also empower your mediumship potential and will help you to blend with Spirit.

This workshop will cover:

Sitting in the Power
Building your Power
Enhance your own Spirit
Strengthen your link of with Spirit
The power of prayer, call upon your higher self to help empower you.


Learn the tarot in a traditional manor. Bring in your own unique way of working. Learn symbolism and colours. Delve into the unknown as you learn to look deeper into the cards.

THURSDAY NIGHTS 7.15PM Is our service. (Clydebank Spiritual Church)
Different medium every week provide a demonstration of mediumship.
£3 suggested donation…. FREE entry…. Donations only to contribute to the churches upkeep..

MEDITATION CLASSES…..CALL FOR DETAILS -0141 563 8437…..07840099207


Development classes

Open and closed circles

Meditation classes


Provides inner peace

Weekly workshops


Specialist classes with visiting tutors
Angels, spiritual guidance,
Chakra balancing, Psychic Art
Past life regression, Theta, Reiki, PST
Lots more besides



Reiki means the universal energy,in all the living creatures as well as all natural items from this planet. This energy is used in helping the body increase its ability to heal and fight back external aggressions. This technique of Japanese origins is both a healing instrument as well as a purifying technique used for prevention.

The principles of Reiki are simple: by balancing the body’s natural energy, its healing power is increased considerably, so that the bacteria and viruses will not be able to defeat it. Also, any type of disease present at that moment inside the body will be healed or at least improved. The Reiki sessions result in a thorough cleansing of the body and in clearing the mind of all the negative thoughts which used to linger there. Thus, the body will be clean and energetically balanced from both a physical and spiritual perspective.
Reiki can make wonders for your aura and can help you fight all the diseases of the body and mind which want to take control over you. It is a non-invasive method without any side effects and with great results. Numerous patients stand as proof for that!

Nowadays specialized treatments have been created for each one of the problems our body may encounter. Thus, we have treatments for depressions, treatments for infections, treatments for low immune system, treatments for flu, treatments for chronic diseases, treatment to take fore and after a surgery and so on. Moreover, the physical issues can never be related with psychological ones. Yet, in this world where there is a specialized treatment for virtually any type of disease, illness or condition you can think of, there is one type of treatment which can cure your entire body in a single session. That healing technique is called Reiki and is not only able to heal, but it can also spot the problem and prevent any further complication .

WE HAVE BOTH REIKI MASTERS AND REIKI PRACTITIONERS WORKING AT THE CENTRE…..all are happy to answer any questions that you may have. If you wish to book a Reiki course please email or call for further details . 07840099207

WE PLAN ON OFFERING VARIOUS CLASSES THROUGH OUT THE YEAR…., Tarot classes , Learn Reiki all levels, and much much more……..we will list information as we get it.

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