Carol Mcgee Psychic Medium

carol2017 brings in new energies and new beginnings with private mentorship and more private development being planned….
Through self development Carol Mcgee has risen swiftly through the ranks to become one of the worlds best loved and accurate mediums. Voted in the worlds top 5 mediums in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
As a child Carol saw spirit but was scared of what she was seeing. Not until she reached her 30’s did that fear subside and she found herself seeking a more spiritual path. Often hearing her name being shouted by unseen spirit and it was common place for dreams to come true. She always seemed to know when things were about to happen.

As a business owner for many years before becoming involved with spirit she believes that this lead her to where she is today. Stepping into a spiritualist church for the first time around the age of 37 she just knew this was where she wanted to be. This was the beginning of Carols spiritual journey to be one of the UK’s top spiritual mediums.

Over the years that followed she has taken every opportunity to develop and demonstrate her mediumistic abilities. Recently selling out in Glasgow, Dundee and Ireland. Bringing messages of love to relatives and endeavouring to reunite loved ones with their relatives in the spirit world.

Carol tries to push the boundaries even further to prove beyond doubt that our loved ones are around us and are able to communicate with us. Carol now works in service for the spirit world.

Work now takes her all over the Uk, Ireland and indeed the world. This year will take her even further afield with demonstrations in
Australia, Cyprus & the US being planned.

Teaching mediumship and various intuitive workshops at her centre Simply Divine in Clydebank as well as other places around the UK.

Carol also runs a successful Face Book page…’Carol Mcgee psychic medium’, where she regularly gives free readings to those in need.

Carol can be contacted on 07800 99207 or for enquiries.

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